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My name is Natalie Bell

I am an only parent with an amazing and very loving son.


In 2019, my beloved husband passed away from AML (Leukemia).  It was a shock to us all and it sent me on a path of living healthier and also searching out different healing methods for our grief and other things.  I knew that for my son, I needed to not only survive but to learn how to truly thrive. I have learned a lot about living a healthy lifestyle, living with less, working within my budget and so much more!

I am a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner and below are services I am offering to help you shift from surviving to thriving. 

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What is 
Emotion Code?

We are all made up of energy, we all have feelings and sometimes those feelings get trapped in our organs, glands and other places in the body. A Trapped Emotion is a ball of vibrating energy.  They can exert a distorting force on the energy field (organs, glands, etc) and that leads to all kinds of physical & emotional issues.  

Thankfully, with the Emotion Code, we can clear those trapped emotions. Leaving you feeling lighter and happier! It's a game changer! 

I was crippled with Anxiety, depression and fogginess from grief.  Using the Emotion Code helped bring so much joy and clarity to my life! 

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