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InnerTalks - Subliminal Messaging

About 4 months ago I was introduced to InnerTalk. InnerTalk is basically a subconscious messaging system. At least, that is how I would put it. As I have been working on some major healing this was introduced to help me with shifting some old neurological patterns I have had. I listed to these every night and sometimes during the day when I am working.

The goal of these is to shift your self-talk, to change it into something positive. I have been notorious for very negative self-talk my entire life. Never thinking I am good enough, to scared to go out of my comfort zone, thinking my body hated me or people hated me. As I have been doing healing work in my body and mind I have also been using different InnerTalks to help move me into the right direction.

What is great about these InnerTalks is that they sound like a white noise machine. I like to purchase the Nature Sound Download and then there are affirmations underneath that your subconscious can pick out. I have noticed a shift in many things for me as I have continually listened to these soundtracks. My son even has his own InnerTalk playlist for his sleep!

If you are looking to make some change, then definitely check out these innertalks!

As Eldon Taylor says 'Believing in Yourself Matters!' and I couldn't agree more. In order for us to start shifting old patterns into new patters we have to get to root issues and this has been such a game changer for me and my son as we have navigated our health and healing!

A perfect example is my son. He used to get really terrible anxiety about leaving me. This is completely understandable, as he went through major trauma from watching his Daddy get sick and then die. Of course he wants to make sure Momma is okay! So when I would go drop him off to school, I would have to peel him off my body and physically hand him over to the teacher, mind you he is crying and upset during this process.

As a mom, I felt so guilty and heartbroken watching my baby be so sad! I knew why and I couldn't change what we went through. We started getting him into the InnerTalks and I created a playlist of several different ones that I found most beneficial. I loaded 'Freedom from Stress in School' and 'I Can For Children'. I wasn't really sure how things would shift, but wow a couple months later and he is not fighting me to get over to school! He is accepting that he needs to go, knows Momma would always leave him in a safe place and also knows that I am coming to get him when school is done. These InnerTalks were a HUGE game changer for my son as we worked through his healing!

I hope you find these as beneficial as my household has!


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