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Infrared Sauna Life for me!

I am sure you have seen the craze of Infrared Saunas...well guys...can I tell you. These are LEGIT. I have been doing some very intense healing over the last 8 months that include physical and non-physical.

Infrared Sauna

Can I just start out with, healing work is HARD. When someone goes through major trauma you can go almost 1 of 2 routes. Either fall into addiction and bad things OR push yourself to heal. Sometimes you can start into addiction, stop yourself and move towards healing. As I have been working on healing my trauma, my gut issues, and all the other issues I have using the sauna came up as part of my detox work.

At first I felt like getting a gym pass and using their Infrared Sauna made the most sense and honestly, it was the cheapest option. Well, I am an only parent to a 6 year old who also has a 2 hour commute currently for work. Little did I know, the gym pass idea was NOT going to work for me. After months of having this pass and rarely going to use the sauna, I made the decision I needed to just search out the best sauna for me and have it in my basement.

Saunas are AMAZING for detox and because I made this decision I had this HUGE wave of relief. Now I can use it and so can my son! Woohoo! It's a win win. I also realized, financially, it made sense. I was paying for babysitters, the gym, driving to the gym, and that adds up quick!

I am doing some major work on my body right now to get it all healed up. The sauna helps with moving out all the stuff we are clearing out. Heavy Metals, Pathogens, Mold, name a few. Also, ew.

I found a sauna that I absolutely adore, not only because it's 'compact' but also because it will light up with different colors, has bluetooth, and a timer! I just love this thing and it's proved beneficial because all I have to do is walk down to the basement and use it! Here is a link to check out this amazing sauna!

Other things I really loved about it, EASY TO ASSEMBLE! Guys, let me tell you!! It was so simple. I am an only parent, so I opened this in my garage, brought down all the pieces to where it was going to live and assembled it in 30 mins! Wild right?

If you don't know much about Infrared Saunas - let me give you a few benefits to them below!

  • Soothes sore muscles

  • Helps with Chronic Pain (See Study here)

  • Helps with Sleep - I can personally attest to this. Ever since I started using them regularly, I have slept SOOOO WELL! It's amazing.

  • Helps Immune-Fighting Off Colds (See Study here)

  • Helps with your detox pathways, opening them up and letting all the crap leave your body

  • Helps with Meditations or even guided meditations - I use my time in the sauna wisely. I will either put an 'InnerTalk' on or a guided meditation of some sort while sitting in there. It's amazing the shift in neuropathways that happens! I am living proof of this.

  • Skin Benefits

  • Heavy Metal Detoxing

  • Bone Health

  • Heart Health

  • Detox on a Cellular Level

  • Liver Health

  • Calming that Nervous System - it's a wild world these days and we all need this one!

The list goes on...

If you have done Infrared Sauna work I would absolutely LOVE to hear your thoughts on it by commenting below!

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