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Eww Stinky!

Hi, Natalie here! I had to share this really sweet product with you all! It's the Puracy Pet Stain + Odor Remover. This stuff is legit guys! I have a young son & a puppy in my house right now, so I am sure you can imagine the smells and accidents that have come out of this house! haha!

This stuff comes in a spray bottle and it's also non-toxic! Woohoo! It took me awhile to find a really good product I love without all the chemical crap that causes sooooo many issues.

I absolutely love the fresh smell of this!! I keep this in my laundry room and use it for clothes AND carpet stains.

So let me give you a little's gross so scroll down if you don't wanna hear it. I was watching some dogs one weekend, so we had 3 dogs in the house at the time. One of the dogs, who is just the sweetest love bug, got into Olive's treats. She literally opened the drawer, got into the bag and went to town! If I wasn't so disgusted by what came next, I would actually be super impressed by this feat.

Anyways, I was at work during this. I came home, through our garage and immediately smelled the most horrific smell. As you can imagine, all those treats did not sit well and she had massive diarrhea. When I say massive, our entire top floor was covered in it, the hard woods, rugs and carpet. I honestly don't know how the other 2 dogs could handle the smell. It was so bad I had to get a mask on just so I wouldn't throw up! haha! Gross.

I felt so bad for the poor dog though! Diarrhea is awful for anyone. Anyways, I got all the poop pies picked up and sprayed this stuff everywhere then used our Hoover vaccuum to clean the carpet. Can I say it did wonders? Uh yes. It was incredible how it completely removed the stench and got rid of all the poopageddan!

I have used this on my sons undies and any stains on carpet. It is AMAZING! I definitely recommend it.

Click HERE to order

If you decide to get this a whirl, come back here and share what you though!!

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