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A Tale of a Girl and Her Coffee Addiction! Oh Cafe!

There is something about waking up and first thing heading down to make a hot cup of coffee or a delicious warm tea. I am a mom of a 6 year old silly boy and also a widow. Coffee has been a life line over the last 4 years but I also just LOVE the flavor. It's a borderline addiction...okay's a full on addiction!

I Know some people need to have iced everything and can't do the warm drinks but man...warm drinks are like a symphony to my body! I am sure so many people can relate.

I recently went to Italy and I remember on the plane thinking that the first thing I wanted to

italy enjoying coffee
Cappuccino & Pastries in Italy

do was head to a café and enjoy a delicious Italian coffee. Since it was morning time, that was exactly what I headed too! I got an amazing cappuccino and some delicious pasties! It's safe to say, I was in love with Italy at this point and even more in love with coffee.

When I came back from Italy, I decided I really wanted to get good healthy and organic coffee. I am a mom on the go and have stuff going on, just like any other mom and so I use the Keurig & Nespresso machines! They are absolutely a dream to have, especially if there is only 1 adult living in the house. I do love coffee but it feels a bit extra to make an entire POT of coffee for just me. So instead I drink 4 cups of Nespresso! haha! Yeah I know...but Nespresso is amazing and so is Keurig.

What I love about the machines is that you can purchase any coffee you want and get reusable pods for them! YAY! Let's save the planet and use less plastic!

Below I want to share with you items that I researched and found and absolutely love for the Keurig Machine & the Nespresso Machine! Ultimately, my goal is to live with less and be mindful of what products and food I am bringing in. I don't want the toxic crap in my house! I want us to live a long happy life and therefore the products I share will be stuff that is not going to toxi-fill your home.

I absolutely LOVE this Mini Coffee Maker. It is a 1 cup coffee maker and perfect for someone that is low on counter space but also doesn't need to have a huge Keurig machine hanging out in their kitchen!

These reusable K-Cups are absolutely perfect and have no plastic added to them! I grind up my own coffee and boom! Just pour it in! I like to grind up coffee for the week and keep it in a mason jar. It works really well for me! Everytime I have use a plastic K-Cup, all my thoughts go to how much plastic has entered my coffee mug and then ingested into my body. BARF haha!

As for Nespresso, I actually got my machine as a gift from my mom right after I had my son. I have the machine that also has the frother attached and it is so fabulous! I definitely recommend a Nespresso if you enjoy espresso, cappuccino or just fancy coffee drinks! Click on the button below to do a little searching on different Nespresso Machines available!

I would love to hear about your coffee favorites! I love coffee in all sorts whether it's from Nespresso or Keurig!

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