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The Future: LizzyNicole Expansion Plans

Hey there!  LizzyNicole isn't just your average website - we have BIG plans! Our ultimate goal is to create a one-stop-shop for everything related to being a woman. Whether you're a solo mom like Natalie or a proud DINK like Ashley, we want to uplift and support women from all walks of life. So come on over and join the community - let's empower each other and conquer the world! 

Below is a sneak peek of all the awesome parts of this community that are in the works.

  • Health & Healing Course & Community - we live in an age where life goes fast, our food is making us sick, our environment is making us sick and it's up to us to be our best advocate. However, it is hard to do that when you aren't quite sure how to start or where to turn. We are excited to announce a course coming soon to help guide the pathways for you! 

  • Toxic People Course - We are building up a course to help break down toxicity and how it can leach into your life and how to remove yourself from it. Keep on the lookout!

  • Food - Did you know Ashley has a culinary degree and her partner, John, has an impressive resume in Europe cooking for such people as Gordon Ramsey? Natalie is also a great food lover and loves to cook.  Stay tuned for glorious culinary content.

  • Book Club - Ashley is a huge bookworm reading well over 100 books per year.  We'll have a book club, reviews, and fun community book discussions.

  • Gift Ideas - Are you one who struggles with gift ideas?  We can help!  We are currently putting together lists to so you can find the perfect gift whether it's a teacher, party host, Harry Potter Lover, fitness lover, or anyone else!

  • Event Planning - Do you need help planning the perfect event?  We can help!  We will provide all the hosting knowledge and inspiration you need to pull off the perfect event from Bachelorette Parties, New Year's Eve, Kid's Themed Parties, and everything in between! Custom event planning will also be available.

  • Home Decor Inspiration.  We have you covered with inspiration for any theme or room

  • Daily Life Content from the lives of Natalie and Ashley

  • Family Content including family, children, and pets!

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