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About LizzyNicole

About lizzynicole

Hi! We are LizzyNicole

LizzyNicole was started because 2 girls wanted to change their life and create something that would allow them to live the life they always dreamed of.

LizzyNicole are 2 girls named Natalie & Ashley. 


Meet Natalie, a strong and resilient young widow with a precious young son. Her life took an unexpected turn, but she's actively working towards healing and creating a life filled with love and joy. Natalie truly understands the value of life and is committed to making the most of it while helping others along the way. Natalie has embraced a slower, intentional way of living and is passionate about creating a non-toxic home. She loves spending time watching movies with her son, gardening, traveling, and cooking up delicious treats in the kitchen. Recently, she's been getting back into riding her Peloton bike every week, feeling the positive effects on her body and mind. Join Natalie on her journey as she navigates life with grace and determination.

She also shares her home with a sweet Shih-Tzu named Olive, who is the ultimate lovebug.

Meet Ashley - a curious and adventurous woman with a passion for exploring, traveling, and hiking. With a culinary degree under her belt, she also enjoys cooking up a storm in the kitchen. As an avid reader, she devours nearly 150 books a year, making her a true bookworm. She is also a self-proclaimed data nerd, spending her workdays writing SQL code.  Ashley and her Dutch partner, John, share a child-free life, but their beloved Japanese Chin pup, Roux, brings joy and plenty of love to their home. Follow Ashley's journey as she shares her travels, culinary creations, and love for life exploration.


We are LizzyNicole and are excited to share our life and favorite things that make our life even better!


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